Cana Management is a community focused property management company dedicated to supporting co-operative housing in Canada.


For over thirty years, we have delivered our comprehensive management services specifically designed for co-operative housing in British Columbia. Our professional services provide consistent administration, reliable financial management, pro-active building maintenance co-ordination and client focused consultations.

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure their business runs smoothly, effectively and according to the vision and goals of their members.

Our services are custom tailored to the specific needs of each co-op community.

At Cana, we put our client's Communities First.


As housing co-ops roll out of their operating agreements, planning for the future is more important than ever. Cana can help you create a long term plan for the continued sustainability and livelihood of your co-op.

The reality of being debt free, having aging buildings and the question of continuing to provide subsidy all need to be discussed by your community. Cana can help you address these issues through our collaborative "step by step" approach to ensure the wellness of your communities' future.

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As leaders in the co-op sector, we are pleased to launch the most innovative and interactive web based tool currently available in co-op housing management. We would like to introduce @home and @community.

As housing co-op managers, we know member want access to information such as the co-op's policies and recent financial reports. We also know how important it is to promote the benefits of co-operative housing. In consultation with our clients, we created @home and @community.

@home is an internal website that contains valuable information that helps inform and educate members living in the co-op.

@community is an external website for potential applicants wanting to learn about the community to see if your co-op is right for them.

Click at @home or @community to learn more about these new and exciting services.

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