Cana provides centralized support and co-ordinates for the annual review of assessed property values and timely payment of property taxes. We provide all the necessary forms for members to qualify for Basic Home Owner Tax Grants (and Additional Grants, if eligible) and we carefully review tax allocations and grant applications to ensure your business receives the maximum benefit of reduced tax payments through the provincial Home Owner Grant program.


If the assessed value for your property is incorrect or has increased unreasonably, you may wish to file an appeal. The assessed value may have increased by more than the average for your assessment area, or there may be specific reasons such as significant repairs either planned or underway that could be grounds for a rate reduction. For more information about how Cana can help you determine if an appeal is in your best interest, just contact us.

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  • Review and report on changes in the annual assessed property value.
  • Receipt, review and processing of advance property tax bills and annual utilities.
  • Distribution of early reminders to all residents for procession property tax payments and Home Owner Tax Grant applications.
  • Preparations of personalized forms for additional grant recipients and follow-up to ensure completed forms is received.
  • Review of property tax bills and preparation of signature forms.
  • Assistance with obtaining signatures from residents.
  • Careful calculation of the property tax payment due.
  • Pooled delivery of payments by municipal deadlines.
  • Timely preparation of Home Owner Grants rebates for residents.
  • Preparation of proof of tax payment required for mortgage, audit and other organizations.
  • Preparation of supplemental application forms and delivery by the annual municipal filing deadline.