op-1.jpgOur clients entrust us with the day to day management of their business. We consistently meet the needs and interests of our clients through teamwork, collaboration, and a commitment to caring about the people we serve. I have been a member of the Cana Team since 1992. Over the span of 18 years with the Cana Team, I have served in nearly every position within our organization. Now, in my role as Cana's President and CEO, I bring this knowledge and experience together with my personal commitment to promoting democratic values and sense of belonging that is unique to the co-op housing communities we serve. As industries leaders, our team is accountable to a higher standard of integrity and professionalism. All our staff have meaningful opportunities for input into how we deliver our services and how of our company will move forward. We seek out and value feedback to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for our staff, our clients and co-op housing members. op-2.jpgWe respect and embrace community diversity by being creative and innovative in the delivery of our services. This flexibility provides support for the vision and goals that are unique to each client. We stand with our clients as providers of information, support, and advice so they can make informed decisions about the future of their communities. We support and mentor leadership to preserve the community spirit. Both at Cana, and with our clients, we recognize and value the contribution made by each member of the organization. All of our interactions will be positive, friendly, and helpful to foster a sense of belonging. We promote a joint commitment to the continued growth of co-op communities and inspire others to join in. I am proud to be part of the Cana Team and to lead to our organization in supporting co-operative housing as a model for sustainable, affordable, and safe housing that provides opportunities for everyone. At Cana, communities come first. Sean Perry, President and CEO For the Cana Team


Safe and affordable housing is important for all Canadians, Housing Co-operatives have been the key to providing many Canadians housing for many years. Through Government partnerships this program has delivered safe and affordable housing for many families. As the current agreements come to an end we need to celebrate and recognize what we have achieved together and look for ways to build new partnerships for the future. Cana believes in supporting co-operative housing as the model for affordable housing for Canadians. Join Cana in being a strong voice for the sustainability of co-ops and continued funding for affordable housing.