An annual independent review and report on the financial records of your housing co-operative is required under the Co-operative Association Act and may be required as part of your annual reporting requirements to funding agencies. Your appointed auditor provides the annual report each year at the Annual General Meeting.

Cana's annual audit preparation service provides key reports to streamline the review process for your auditor, saving you time and money. Our staff co-ordinate the delivery of information, provide access to records, assist in responding to questions, and ensure key documents prepared by your auditor are routed to review, approval and filing.


Cana stores financial records for our clients in electronic format. Electronic record storage provides a fast, secure and efficient way to route key information to your auditors to audit time. We help keep audit costs low by reducing the need for transporting files and in-person visits to review files. Many of the records can be reviewed securely by your auditor at a time that's convenient for them. For more information, please contact us.


  • Review files and prepare for audit.
  • Detail all prepaid and current expenses to be accrued to prior year.
  • Gather key documents requiring annual review by the auditor.
  • Prepare all year end summary reports.
  • Facilitate auditor access to file and records.
  • Co-ordinate communications between the auditor and the Board of Directors.
  • Co-ordinate the delivery of the auditors reports and obtain necessary approvals.
  • Post auditor year-end adjustments to accounting records.