Properly maintained buildings are the result of a pro-active, detailed preventative maintenance program. Using a proper plan, all buildings system components are routinely checked and serviced to help ensure each component achieves its maximum service life. Routine, pro-active maintenance can help prevent costly repairs arising from sudden, premature failure of key building system components. We conduct a detailed review of your building's system to prepare a preventative maintenance plan that's unique to its service needs. We provide advance notice of scheduled preventative maintenance tasks to minimize any inconvenience to residents, and we provide on-site visits to follow up on work completed. Our planned maintenance service will reduce maintenance costs for unplanned repairs and help prevent sudden failure of key building systems.


Do you know the current condition and remaining life expectancy of your building's system? It's important information for proper preventative maintenance planning and to help plan for the future cost replacement. If it's a time for a "health check" on your buildings, we can help you get a Building Condition Assessment report from qualified professionals. Contact us for more details.


  • A physical review of all building systems, including an inventory of system components.
  • Preparation of detailed preventative maintenance task schedule, including scopes of for all preventative maintenance tasks to be performed.
  • Scheduling and assignment of preventative maintenance tasks to qualified contractors.
  • Co-ordination of access to common areas.
  • Distribution of notices to residents in advance of scheduled maintenance activities.
  • Review and approval of invoices for payment.
  • An annual review of the preventative maintenance plan including cost allowance, timings and scopes of work, and incorporate any adjustments that may be required.