Due to out depth of experience in managing co-op's we can advise co-op officials on prudent financial planning, building renewal, and board governance issues.


Cana's workshops, special topic seminars, and consulting services build strong communities by giving your members the knowledge, skills and encouragements they need. Each session is custom designed to focus on the issues you've identified, using your co-op's specific information polices. All sessions are delivered at your site, and are open to an unlimited number of participants from your co-op. If you would like Cana to come to your co-op give us a call.


  • Financial Planning: By 2020, co-op housing subsidies will come to an end, forcing co-op to alter their residential mix between market housing and subsidized housing. We can assist you on financial planning and budgeting, helping you meet your future operating expenses and payment obligations, as well as maintain your preferred residential mix.
  • Building renewal: Your most important assets are the housing units in which you live, and with your guidance, you can maintain the value of your units for many years to come. We can help you plan future renovation and construction work, or current repairs and maintenance.
  • Board Governance: We know you co-op boards work, and can help you make better decisions that reflect the visions and goals of your members. We also give you the information that you need in order to make decisions that align with your long term plans.
  • Rules & Occupancy Agreement: CHF BC launched the updated Model Rules and Occupancy Agreement in December 2013.  Given our experience and role in the project, we are offering our assistance to co-op's to help revise your current Rules and Occupancy Agreement for the required mandatory revisions and for reviewing the optional revisions as presented in the CHF BC model.