ac-1a.jpgThe importance of the having a website is crucial today, people tend to look up websites when they want information.  Having a well-maintained and up to date website is important especially for co-ops as perspective applicants want to know more about the community before applying as they may call this their future home. That is why we have created @Community; this dynamic service simply lets you build and maintain the site with a few easy clicks.

We offer:
  • 3 customizable website templates
  • Webpage Hosting
  • Custom design, we can take your ideas and turn them into reality
With all 3 options, the co-op’s website can be maintained by Cana staff or co-op volunteers by simply using Cana’s customized software to make changes on the site.

To preview the @Community services with a free one-hour demonstration or to learn more about these services please contact our front desk.

The features include:

  • Detailed information about your co-op and surrounding areas
  • Photo gallery of the co-op, units, and amenities   
  • On-line application forms
  • On-line waiting list and management tools