If something no longer works because of normal wear and tear or damage, it should be repaired or replaced so it works properly. By keeping your buildings in good repair and building systems in good working order, you help ensure the quality of life for residents and the overall value of your property.

Cana will receive, asses and co-ordinate repairs by residents. We continue the relationships you have developed by working with your preferred trades, or can provide referrals if required. We follow your established policies to assess and collect repair costs for damage caused by residents and help you monitor costs and make informed spending decisions through our detailed reports on activity in your annual maintenance operating budget.


Care needs to be taken when hiring a trades person. You need to be sure you are hiring someone who is reputable and knows how to do the job you need done. Before hiring, you should make sure you know exactly what needs to be done. This does not mean you need to be a technical expert. You can and should get expert technical help when you need it. More information on hiring a trades person is available in the CMHC publication on How to Hire a Contractor. For the complete publication, click here "How to Hire a Contractor"


  • Provide brochures to residents with information on how to request repairs.
  • Receive repair request by phone, fax, email, or via written repair request forms.
  • Contact residents to assess the scope of work required and provide information about scheduling the repair.
  • Generate work orders detailing the score of work, pricing, access and billing information.
  • Coordinate access to units and common areas.
  • Review and reconcile invoices and approve invoices for payment.
  • Maintain unit and common area maintenance records with repair details.