canaathomedemoaccount_s.jpgAs co-op members, accessing information and knowing the financial status of your co-op is crucial for a sustainable, harmonious, and successful co-op community.

@Home is designed for co-op your members to have access to information and forms specific to your co-op, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s like having access to your co-op office and co-ordinator at any time and from anywhere.

By simply logging into our secure website primary members can easily access information such as:
  • Co-op Rules, Occupancy Agreement, and Policies
  • 2 years of Financial reports, and Audited Financial Statements
    (current and previous years)
  • Forms specific to your co-op
  • Forms can be submitted online or can be printed and signed  
  • An interactive calendar of important meetings and events
  • An announcement board to broadcast important messages
  • Direct links to co-op sector organizations such as CMHC, the Agency for Co-operative Housing; BC Housing; CHF Canada; and CHF BC
@Home can be maintained by Cana staff or a co-op volunteer by simply using Cana’s customized software to make changes on the site.

To preview the @Home services with a free one-hour demonstration or to learn more about these services please contact our font desk.

The Members only section or @home will feature documents and forms such as:

  • Co-op rules
  • Policies
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Contact lists
  • Member surveys
  • Income Verification forms   
  • Parking registration forms
  • BC Housing Form
  • Pet Registration
  • Common Room Booking