Accurate income testing and prompt collection of payments is important for important for continued affordable housing. Cana has expert knowledge of income testing procedures for various government subsidy programs. Our customized software and centralized systems provide consistent results, reliable checks, accurate assessments, and prompt collection of payments from members.


If your co-op receives income tested assistance through an operating agreement with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, we can help you use the subsidy dollars to the greatest benefit of your members. Our retroactive ITA adjustment service evaluates the possible adjustments available to the co-op to allocate excess ITA, calculates adjusted housing charges and applicable refunds, updates accounting records and audits working papers, and issues refund cheques to eligible members. To learn about Cana's ITA refund service, contact us.


  • Verify annual incomes and assess housing charges.
  • Make interim housing charge adjustments as required.
  • Administer subsidy waiting lists.
  • Process housing charges payments from member and maintain a historical payment records.
  • Enforce an approved arrears policy.
  • Maintain accounts receivable records for each member.
  • Prepare and distribute bi-monthly account statements to members with late payments or returned cheques and follow up with specific arrears problems to encourage prompt payment.
  • Provide fully annotated bi-monthly reports listing members in arrears and explanations for each entry. Authorized co-op representatives can request detailed reports about individual member accounts.
  • Set up and administer repayment agreements according to approved policy.
  • Issue final demands for payment and initiate termination procedures as required.