It is important to document the condition of a unit at the start and end of the member's occupancy. The initial move-in inspection conducted with the new member provides an accurate record of the condition of the unit at move in and a through inspection at move-out helps ensure any required repairs are identified and readdressed.

Cana will coordinate unit turnover inspections and administer the repair and record-keeping activities arising from these inspections. Our process ensures a smooth unit turnover by providing the outgoing member with adequate notice of their responsibilities and overall co-ordination of the necessary repairs to ensure the unit is properly prepared for move-ins.


Need assistance with physically conducting move inspections? Cana can help. Our experienced and qualified staff is available to conduct the initial move out and final move out inspection with the member. We will also meet with the incoming member to conduct the move in inspection. Results are available within 24 hours of the inspection. For availability and rates, just give us a call.



  • Scheduling of the initial and final move-out inspection and move-in inspection.
  • Review of the inspection results and preparation of a list of items for action, prioritized by need, by responsibility and by trade.
  • Written notice of the inspection results to the out going member with details about their responsibilities for repairs.
  • Work orders and co-ordination of repairs.
  • A summarized report with supporting invoices for all repairs to be applied against the outgoing member's share refund.
  • Maintenance of suite records with repair details.