Efficient cash management is essential to any business. Cana's banking services ensures the funds received are accurately recorded an promptly sent for deposit. Through on-line banking privileges we have quick access to information and can arrange for easy payment of routine bills. Regardless of which financial institution you choose, Cana's financial services team will provide reliable and effective cash management for the day to day operations of your business.


  • Centralized preparation and pooled delivery of deposits.
  • Electronic Fund Transfers for bill payments.
  • On-line fund transfers between operating and reserve accounts for effective cash
  • management.
  • Reports for the performance of investments. 
  • Up to date bank signing resolutions and authorities for all accounts.


Cana Management and most of our clients use the services of the Westminster Savings Credit Union (WSCU). This "mass purchasing power" has enabled Cana to negotiate very special terms for our clients who bank at WSCU. Through our Investment Pool Banking System (IPBS), our clients receive exceptional service and return on their investment for a very lowest cost.
  • No service charges or banking fees.
  • Free pre-authorized debits for housing charge payments from members.
  • Premium interest paid on all funds calculated on the closing daily balance.
  • Priority service by WSCU staff for up to date information and prompt response to inquires.
  • Complete liquidity for all funds without notice or penalty.
  • Low interest loans for member share purchases.
Cana does not receive any financial incentive or return for placing funds with WSCU - except for the goodwill we gain by ensuring our client's money is getting the attention it deserves. We encourage you to consider the benefits of using Cana's Investment Pooling Banking System at WSCU for an excellent return on your money.