Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Some services provided by Cana Management Associates Ltd. to the Co-op and its members require access to the personal information about directors or members. Co-ops using this website have authorized Cana Management Associates Ltd. to access the required personal information.

Co-ops using this website have agreed that this personal information may be made available to people in the following positions:

  1. Board of Directors of the Co-op, only if it is in connection with the Board's official duties; Co-op's auditor; employees of CMHC and BC Housing (as applicable); Co-op's lawyer; credit check agency.
  2. Cana Management Associates Ltd. staff who have designated official duties for: applications; income review and setting housing charges; collecting census information; credit checks; landlord and other reference checks; maintaining secure filing and storage of personal information (both hard copy and computer).
  3. Other individuals, businesses or agencies necessary for carrying out the business of the Co-op. Information will be released upon receipt of approval in each specific case by the Board of Directors.

Cana Management Associates Ltd. will destroy personal information that the Co-op no longer needs according to the Co-op's policies.