An annual budget is a key too for governing and managing your business. A well-planned, accurate budget will help you set appropriate housing charges, analyze and control spending, and meet your targets for special projects and savings. Government funding agencies review annual budgets to ensure your co-op is meeting the terms of lending and operating agreements. Boards, Committees, and members use budgets as tools to guide financial decisions.

Cana provides a variety of flexible services to help. We assist by providing planning tools and accounting data, sharing and coordinating the budget preparation work, analyzing costs and their impact on housing charges, advising on subsidy management, providing options and alternatives, and helping to present and explain your budget to members and outside agencies.


As you plan for the long term financial success of your business, you may be considering the potential impact of borrowing money for building retrofits or repairs. Cana can assist you in by preparing long range financial forecasts. We can provide information about financial capacity required to borrow the money you need and review the range of options that are in the best long term interest of your business. Contact us for more information on how we can help.


  • Distribution of planning tools and accounting data.
  • Scheduling and assignment tracking.
  • Preparation of specific budgets and assistance and training for those you'd like to prepare on your own.
  • Detailed note package with information on each budget category.
  • Analysis of costs and their impact on housing charges.
  • Advice on subsidy management, providing options and alternatives.
  • Presentation of the draft budget for approval by Board members.
  • Presentation of the final budget for approval by member, if required.
  • Submission to government funding agencies as required.