Regular unit inspections are an essential part of every co-op's maintenance management program. Good inspections will help co-op's identify and repair maintenance problems promptly, and provide vital data for budget and Replacement Reserve planning.

Cana will develop a present a detailed scope of work for the inspection and obtain quotes from qualified inspection companies. We will direct the inspections, tabulate the results, prepare summary reports with recommendations for approval, and implement the approved work plan. Our goal is to ensure thorough inspections are completed in an efficient manner, immediate repairs are addressed, and a plan is developed to fund and carry out the remaining repairs identified by inspectors.


Now that the inspection are done, and you've received your report, how do you pay for all the repairs and replacements that were identified? Often, the cost for completing all the repairs and replacements found in inspection far exceed your annual operating and capital replacement budget. You'll need a plan to address these repairs and replacement over time. An accurate, up-to-date, Reserve Fund Plan is an essential tool for managing your finances. A good plan will help ensure your reserve fund is adequate to meet the future repair and replacement needs of your buildings, and will help you monitor and control your capital spending. Cana can help. We've been preparing reserve fund plans for over 20 years. For more details, on how we can help, just give us a call.



  • Development of detailed scope of work for inspections and the co-ordination of bids.
  • A schedule for the inspection of suites.
  • Notices for members about scheduling and responsibility to provide suite access.
  • Contact with member to book inspection appointments.
  • Detailed review of the inspection results and follow up with inspectors as required.
  • Preparation and presentation of a summary report with prioritized repairs, costs, and recommendations for action.
  • Contact with members to confirm repairs that will be carried out arising from the inspections.
  • Work orders detailing the scope of work, pricing, access and billing information.
  • Review, reconciliation, and approval of repair invoices for payment.
  • Maintenance of suite records with repair details.