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T: 604.524.8524, X 209

Brenda has been a part of the Cana Team for more than a quarter-century. Her calm demeanor, commitment to excellence, and sense of fun make her a very valued member of our team. We asked Brenda, Why Co-ops? Why Cana? Here's what she said. Why Co-ops? I have always believed in and supported a co-operative lifestyle. I enjoy the neighbourhood atmosphere that living in a co-op can bring. Working with co-ops to help build their communities is the only work I've wanted to do. Why Cana? I have been with Cana for more than 25 years. Over the years, our management style has grown into a great team effort. The team of people I work with are amazing - knowledgeable, dedicated and supportive of each other. I consider them as part of my extended family.