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T: 604.524.8524, X 101
E: kathryns@canateam.com

Kathryn joined the Cana Team in 1998. She has served in several roles within our organization, and in each role, she has shared her attention to detail, thorough and careful advice, and friendly helpful manner. Kathryn's approach to supporting our team and assisting co-op members serves as a model for us all. We asked Kathryn, Why Co-ops? Why Cana? Here's what she said. Why Co-ops? Housing is a fundamental need, especially in a northern climate like we have. Co-ops are an innovative way to meet the needs of people at a variety of income levels. Because members are required to work together to make the co-op succeed, community is created, and so the co-op meets other needs in addition to putting a roof over people’s heads. Why Cana? Cana is a very family-friendly workplace. Cana allows me the flexibility in my schedule so that I can put my daughter first, which is very important for a single Mom with a child with a handicap. I also really like the people I work with. It’s a very supportive environment and we have a lot of fun together.